Plan ahead! Sort out your weekend sports schedule today!

Here's what we have lined-up for you sports-wise for the coming weekend, other than the RWC action, of course:

Watch the Premiership live at McGettigan's in Dubai

Some good games are coming up, so make sure you pop over to McGettigan's to get your football fill for the weekend!

On Saturday, it's Blackburn v Arsenal  at 3.45pm, Aston Villa v Newcastle at 6pm, and Everton v Wigan also at 6pm.

On Sunday, we're showing Rangers v Celtic at 3.30pm, Spurs v Liverpool at 4.30pm, Fulham v Manchester City  at 6pm, and Manchester United v Chelsea at 7pm.

Sunday's main event, however, is the All Ireland Football Final between Kerry and Dublin, which we'll show at 6.30pm in the Marquee:

GAA action in Dubai live at McGettigan's

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